Use call tracking data as a way to make your marketing more effective and hassle-free

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Gathering customer data from people who purchase goods or services from you on the web is quite straightforward. Collecting emails, credit card numbers and other information about your customers it’s very seamless when it’s done through the Internet. However, it might be a little more difficult to implement proper tracking when it comes to people who ordered from you with the phone. Call tracking could be a very good solution to gather valuable data related to your customers. Another big advantage of call tracking is definitely the fact that it will avoid retargeting. Essentially, this means to target customers who have already purchased goods or services from you. It is no use for them to see your ad one more time since they already bought your service or product.

The problem is that remarketing and retargeting are often misunderstood and in some cases, they may require quite a lot of work. First things 1st: what is the difference between retargeting and remarketing?

Remarketing deals with reconnecting with your existing customers as well as lead prospects following a previous interaction with your brand. It is possible to achieve successful remarketing results through a wide variety of channels. One of the most popular solutions is using emailing lists. It’s also possible to use direct mail as well as digital content and other tools. On the other hand, retargeting is more of a technical approach. It is based on cookies and it basically allows you to re-market your content to people right after they left your site, or other websites that might be somehow related to your brand or that might be part of the same network. Industry insiders see a lot of data, a lot of variables and a lot of processes involved. However, the average person and surfing the web is only going to know what’s in front of him or her: the ad that they are seeing at any given time. What we are getting at is that if the processes of retargeting at remarketing don’t work as well as they should this means that your customers might be annoyed when they see your ads over and over again, even though they are already your clients and they have already purchased goods or services from you. Even worse, in some cases, ads might appear completely out of context, perhaps reaching people who are not even interested in what your particular brand has to offer. This could be a huge problem because ads that are out of context will make you spend money without seeing the results. If you accidentally target the wrong people with your ads, this might be mean that you are getting clicks from people who stumbled upon your ad, but they are not really interested in what you provide. Thankfully, remarketing offers the ability to recontextualize your ads in such a way that they might seem natural and more organic. Some people misunderstand that even though the Internet allows you to basically rich people everywhere, it is not always the best approach to blindly go after as many people as possible. Without the right context and without being sure that you are actually showing your ad to somebody who might care, you might actually be shooting yourself in the leg. An ad that your viewers might not be interested in it’s not going to suddenly awaken their curiosity. In fact, it is more likely that they would find it very annoying and intern they will associate the first ration with your brand in the first place, resulting in adverse branding.

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